The feeling of beeing home

Fitting everyday life

Fitting out a building with a kitchen and bathroom is the last piece of the puzzle, giving the client the perfect combination of design, function and space to live in. Builders must be able to choose products that match their customers’ everyday lives and styles.

DOMESTIC offers a wide range of kitchen, bathroom and sauna furniture and fittings that are tuned into Northern European requirements for function and varying tastes.

DOMESTIC combines
function & design –
fitting everyday life


A bathroom should be more than just beautiful to look at – it should also be practical and crafted to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life. With DOMESTIC bathroom fixtures and fittings, you get just that! Plus a wide variety of ways to customize your bathroom to your taste as well as to the layout of the room itself. We have a broad assortment of cabinets and drawers with fronts in many different designs that you can combine with a range of sinks and mirrors, as well as handles and knobs.


Fry. Steam. Boil. Repeat. The kitchen is not a place for inactivity. It’s a place for action. Yes, we want a kitchen that’s cool, well-designed and inspiring, but we also need it to be durable, practical and convenient. After all, that is what everyday life demands. With a DOMESTIC kitchen you get the best of both worlds: a designer kitchen crafted to be used in real life. Choose between a wide selection of designs and customized fixtures and fittings.

Domestic Sauna

Beautifully designed in the Nordic style, DOMESTIC saunas are as pleasing to the eye as they are to the body. As is the tradition for DOMESTIC, design and function go hand in hand. Every detail has been catered to in this top-of-the-line sauna, crafted to give you the well-being and relaxation you deserve. Choose between a wide selection of designs and customized fixtures and fittings to create the sauna of your dreams.